Shack Shake

Born in New York, Shake Shack has branched out to many locations. I have only personally been able to try it in Dubai, The Emirates Mall.  It is by far one of the best tasting fast food “junky” burgers. What I mean is that it’s not as refined as a gourmet burger, but it definitely exceeds the expectation of the average “burger craver”. The Shack burger has all the necessary condiments; crispy lettuce, crunchy pickles, melted cheese, puffy buns, and a luscious secret sauce. It has been called a super over greasy burger, but in my opinion the greasiness adds to the moisture and the flavor that is extremely important to a good tasting luscious patty.

Although shake shack is well known for its burger, it must be noted that I find that their cheese fries is more than a worthy complement. Their fries, with or without the cheese, have always been crisp, never soggy, the right color, and cut in a fun zigzag shape.

Altogether, definitely a must try for those who haven’t, as well as a hardy burger for those suffering with that crave of the month.

Opening in Lebanon Soon.
City Center & ABC Achrafieh